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Alpa Construction Ltd was established in 1994 and with the tortoise brand, has choosen as main activity polyurethane waterproofing and sealing systems, floor coverings, adhesives. Alpa has achived a first with Single-Component Systems in Turkey.

Since 2001, Alpa has developed its product range and knowledge of the investments, both quality and price structure to compete with the world market has become. This is followed closely by the power of developing technology and R & D investment has been made​​. Tortoise is being introduced as a result of this R & D activities is a superior brand. With the new-generation solutions is committed to this vision. Alpa holds many products’ patent and trademark rights In Turkey.

Our company is manufacturing under international quality standards and adopted Total Quality Management . Our company has ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certificate and TSE Quality Certificate. In addition, ongoing preparations; one component waterproofing of the CE certificate for our products will be taken soon.

Our company is in line with the demands of construction chemicals market, R & D activities and technological infrastructure is continuously upgraded and constantly continues to improve domestic and international marketing activities.